Thursday, June 2, 2011

Garden Decorating Ideas

    The girls and I love to go to the Biltmore House.  Last year, we got season passes which more than paid for themselves.  We got to go every season (sometimes twice)!  During the seasons when it is open, our favorite restaurant to eat at is the Arbor Grill.  It is so nice to sit outside and eat with a breeze blowing enjoying being in the mountains...and the food is good too!
    In April, we went to see the tulips in bloom and as we wandered through the greenhouse, we got some great garden ideas.  There were rusty, old bicycles with flower baskets on them and also, there were old suit cases filled with flowers.  They looked so good and would definitely go with primitive decorating.

Below you  can see our old tricycle with a basket of geraniums that we put on the big farm table in our shop.  We, also, put an old cosmetic suit case filled with flowers on there too.  We added an old "SEEDS" sign and other gardening items. 

Come and check out our store for primitive signs, gardening dolls, and birdhouses.

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